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Too many meetings, making pointless calls, writing never-read reports, colleagues who won't cooperate, insularity and conflicts of interest are the order of the day. All the result of lack of alignment, or in other words, the noses are not in the same direction.

This is the book we wish we had read when we were studying ourselves

Why is so little told in management courses about how it all really works in organizations? In fact, every manager has to keep reinventing themselves. Do you find it crazy that all kinds of things are mixed up? We decided to pool all our knowledge and experience and write down for once how to build and run an organization.

Hans Veltman de alignment puzzel

Hans Veltman

Hans Veltman has a master’s degree inEngineering Business Administration (TU Enschede) and a Master’s degree in Information Management (University of Tilburg). He started as an IT & Supply chain consultant at IPL-TNO in 1989. In 1996, he founded the company Every Angle Software Solutions to develop smart decision-support software for SAP environments. Combining knowledge of the ERP system, knowledge of business processes and intelligent algorithms, this software helped companies work more streamlined. During his career, Hans has advised many companies, including the best-known Hunter Douglas, Heineken, Honeywell, DSM, Philips, Cargill, Coats and PPG.

Jacques Adriaansen De Alignment Puzzel

Jacques Adriaansen

Jacques Adriaansen holds a technical master’s degree in Scientific Computer Applications (UHasselt). He began his career as a computer scientist with the Belgian National Guard in 1978, where he gained experience in software engineering and operations management. In 1986, he joined IPL-TNO-TUE (a joint venture of TNO
and the University of Eindhoven), where he was appointed director in 1995. In 1998, Jacques became a director at Magnus Management Consultants, where he worked as an organizational consultant on SAP implementation projects.
Since 2002, Jacques has worked as an independent organizational consultant. He co-founded Every Angle Software Solutions, where he served in the roles of CEO, consulting manager and Director Every Angle Academy from 2015 to 2021.
Jacques enjoys knowledge transfer and enjoys sharing his insights with business professionals as an acclaimed speaker at trade shows and events and as an in-company trainer. Over the course of his career, Jacques has advised many companies, including members of the Central Association of Furniture Manufacturers, Elopak, KLM Catering Services, Philips Consumer Services and Ericsson.

Peter Morren De Alignment Puzzel

Peter Morren

Peter Morren has a technical master’s degree in business administration (TU Enschede). He began his career in 1982 at Fokker Aircraft. He then worked for various consulting firms. Peter has special expertise in helping clients achieve better performance in their daily operations, including simplifying business processes and aligning planning methods and supporting information systems. His motto: “To get complexity you don’t have to do anything, it grows naturally, but simplicity must be designed.”
He is an expert in innovation and change, aligning structures and systems with processes. Peter has worked for a wide range of clients, both small and large companies, during his long working life. Some of the better known ones include Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, DSM, Fokker Services, KLM, Kone, Perfetti van Melle, Stork, Stryker and Teijin.

Rob Kwikkers

Rob Kwikkers (1954) studied Economic Business Engineering (ing) at the HTS Dordrecht, Technical Business Administration (ir) at the TUE, and Business Administration (MBA) at The University of Michigan, USA. In 1987, he received his Ph.D. there on modeling uncertainty in long business chains.

Since 1987, Rob Kwikkers worked successively as a consultant, director and partner at IPL Advies in Veldhoven, a consultancy in control and information systems for logistics and supply chain management. He also served part-time as a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the Fontys College of Technology and Logistics in Venlo since 2003. He was also Lecturer of the Logistics & Supply Chain Management (L&SCM) and the Master in Business Engineering (MBE) degree programs at NCOI, Hilversum. Rob served as secretary of the European Certification Board Logistics (ECBL) of the European Logistics Association (ELA) from 2014 to 2018.

Rob Kwikkers taught and teaches at the Rotterdam School of Management and the Bled School of Management, as well as in management training programs of Philips Lighting and Consumer Electronics, ING, and CRH.

Rob specializes in supply chain management and the application of information systems in dynamic environments with complex organizational structures. During discussions, he invariably fishes out a tangible example from the inexhaustible collection of business cases he has on hand. Rob’s motto is “nothing is as practical as a good theory.