Organizational Alignment 2021 Survey

One of the key factors for the success of organizations is the extent to which people and systems are aligned with each other toward a common goal.

Why do IT projects fail so often?

Implementing new software is a change project. Ideally, we want this to be a managed and successful change. We willen het liefst dat dit een
beheerste en succesvolle verandering is.

The history and development of MBO

Een van de meest invloedrijke concepten voor het toewijzen van taken is Management By Objectives (MBO), dat in de jaren ‘50 van de 20ste eeuw werd ontwikkeld.

Computational models for supply chain alignment

In this chapter, we have grouped several topics that are very useful if you are in the process of improving alignment but may be a bit tough for some readers.


Movie #1:

The secret to a well aligned company

Movie #2:

Why a Supply Chain strategy is essential

Movie #3:

The three core processes that keep your business going.

Movie #4:

The law of the conservation of waiting time.

Movie #5:

Why you should disregard value and profit.

Movie #6:

Why most business strategies fail.

Movie #7: 

Why your employees are performing poorly.

Movie #8:

Organizational Obesity kills.

De Wet van de Onbegrensde Organisatie Obesitas

Movie #9:

Why so many IT-projects fail

Movie #10:

How to find the perfect cast for your business.

Movie #11: 

The 𝟱  causes of change failur

Movie #12:

Our closing in style: the AlignmentSong